The Beauty Shows



GOOD ENOUGH : Is attributed to a dog enough typed, without noteful qualities or not in physical condition.

B.I.S or Best In Show : It's the most beautiful award a dog can get in a dog show, as it means he is the most beautiful subject, all breeds merged, in a dog show.

B.O.B or Best Of Breed : Best dog for the breed


GOOD : Must be given to a dog posessing the breed characteristic but accusing some faults, except if they are too important.

B.O.S or Best of Opposed Sex : If the B.O.B. goes to the male : The B.O.S. will go to the female.


CACIB : Certificat d'Aptitude de Conformité International de Beauté. (means International Beauty Conformity Capacity Certificate). To be validate as "International Beauty Champion" or "CH.IB", you must win 4 CACIB, in 3 different countries, with almost 3 different judges, with at least one CACIB from the dog's owner origin country. There must be at least 1 year and 1 day between the 1st IB and the last one. RCACIB : Attributed to the 2nd, wich means that he can get the CACIB if the first dog is already the title holder or cannot pretend to obtain it in the required delay.

CACS : Certificat d'Aptitude de Conformité au Standard. (means Standard Conformity Capacity Certificate). For France : To be validate "France Champion" or "CH.CS", you must win the CACS at the National French Newfoundland Show or the CACS in Longchamp (in PARIS), plus 1 CACS in a Special, plus one more CACS in a French CACIB meeting. You must also get the T.A.N and the official reading for HD. RCACS : Same attribution condition as the RCACIB. ( "R" means Réserve ).

CONFIRMATION : Obliged exam in France to obtain the dog's final pedigree.


EXCELLENT : Must only be given to a dog very near of the ideal breed standard (presented in a perfect condition), realising an harmonious and balanced set, having "class" and a brilliant bearing. The superiority of his qualities, toward the breed, will dominate the small imperfections, but he will have his sex characteristics.

F.C.I : Fédération Cynophile Internationale means International Cynologic Federation (Gathers more than 140 countries)

GOLDCUP : it is the european most important meeting in the Newfoundland world. It takes place every summer in Denmark.

INSUFFICIENT : Attributed to a dog which shows many noteful faults.

L.O.F : French Origins Book: It's the civil status of your dog. It's managed by the SCC and agreed by the. A puppy registered in the Book, is from a known origin. That means that we know his parents, granparents, etc... . It's a dog with "Pedigree" or with "Papers". Only these dogs can pretend to be named as "Breed Dogs". There is an origin Book in every country.


NATIONAL : It's the Breed Club yearly meeting, wich allows to brang all the best subjects that can pretend to the Champion title of the organizing country. The winner wont satisfy with this victory to be elcted as "Champion". He will have to, according to other countries, obtain other first places.


  1. For the Baby, Puppy and Beginner Classes :

  3. For the Young, Open, Champion and Vétéran Classes :


(extract from the SCC texts):

If it is surely very grateful for an exposer to see his dog classed first with the CAC cardboard, it is often a disappointment for the owner of the dog classed second and nevertheless, it's on a tiny detail, on an impression that the judge, who have to, him, to class a first and second, has based his judgement.


Even if the dog is second or fourth, if it is classed EXCELLENT, it means that he is wery near of the first one and that his value is surely bigger than a third termed GOOD.

The judges have been asked by the Société Centrale Canine to observe certain instructions. Their goal is to give to every term it's real value and also to revaluate the term VERY GOOD, often considered by the amateur as "inferior" , when in reality, this term is for a VERY GOOD DOG.

It is to remember that first the judge brings his judgement on the dog in the precise moment when it is on the ring, without taking care of the previous success and without anticipating the future.

The CACS can only be given to a dog classed first in the Excellents, but this supreme award does not work automatically with the first place. The first can be "Excellent" not more, and it is already nice. the CACS is given to the exceptional subject, very near of the Standard ideal, worthy to goe to the championship.


LOCAL : The local, it's a meeting organised by the Club, wich only brings NEWFOUNDLANDS and LANDSEERS. His value equals a Special.

S.C.C : Société Centrale Canine means French Dogs Society (French authority)

SP or SPECIAL : A special breed show is a meeting where the Club "puts his joker in". The term "Excellent" obtained in a special, counts for the selection scale. To get the France Champion titl, the dog must win the Open class and obtain the CAC.

TAN : Le Test d'Aptitude Naturelle (means Natural Capacity Test) helps to estimate if the dog is in conformity with the basic criterion of the breed standard. Nature test, pace test and swimming test.

VERY GOOD : Will only be given to a dog perfectly typed, balanced in his proportions ( but in good physical condition). A few tiny faults will be tolerate but not morphological. This term can only award a quality dog, worth to be used as a reproducer.