The Newfoundland.

"He posseses beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity and all the man's virtues, without his vices".


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What must a Newfoundland look like ? The Standard

1) Is he kind with the children ?

2 ) How much does it cost ?

3 ) What is the Newfoundland color ?

4 ) Is he affected by HD ?

5 ) Where can we find puppies ?

6 ) What means LOF ?

7 ) Is the Dressing important ?

8) What must we give him to eat ?

9 ) Can he sleep outside ?

1) Is he kind with the children ?

By definition, the Newfoundland must be exempt of agressivity. He is naturally sweet, but needs a serious education. He is a little bit noddled and extremely powerful. He'll be learned, for example, not to jump on people, and make him sensitive to children presence. For my part, I suggest to every dog owner " to never leave a children face him alone ".

2 ) How much does it cost ?

The spread of price for the bought of a Newfoundland is from 6000 FRF to 9000 FRF ( from 915 to 1375 Euros ).

3 ) What are the Newfoundland colors ?

Newfoundland exists in three colors : Black is the most current (90 % production), the Brown or Bronze (6%), and White and Black (4%).These numbers are valid for France. In the USA Grey is accepted. For more details on colors : STANDARD

4 ) Is he affected by HD ?

As all the big breeds, the Newfoundland is evidently touched by this scourge. Usually we will talk about the hip. Reproductives are more and more controlled thanks to the CLUB directives that try to manage this scourge. Very promising results already appear according to Dr Vét. Francis LEGEARD. We have to know that Newfoundland is also victim of elbow displasy (rarely), of cardiological comlications, of precocious ligaments breakings, of teeth problems (position and quantity). That's why I ask you to be very demanding with the breeders concerning their reproductives quality.

Dog's HD Radio "B"

5 ) Where can we find puppies in France ?

You can ask to french dog society S.C.C (Tel :, You will get the 17 closer litters from your home. (Puppies with LOF inscription)

Or/and ask for the French Newfoundland Club : Club Français du Chien Terre-Neuve (Tel : list, you will get the list of the persons with available puppies, members of the Club and respectfull with the Club breeding directives. (Puppies with LOF inscription). Controlled reproductives (Dysplasy, Nature, Beauty [selection scale]).

6 ) What LOF means ?

Livre des Origines Françaises ( the book of french origins) : Takes a census, under the International Cynologic Federation controll, all the descendants for Pedigree Dogs. Only a LOF registered dog (for France) can be named Pedigree Dog.

7 ) The Dressing!

Effectively, the Newfoundland rusitc dog above all else, is a majestic dog. He makes part of the "long coat" breeds and this generates a regular maintenance. It is true that a dog full of knots : it's not pretty. We must not forget, that the lack of maintenance can contribute to a coat clog up and bring important skin problems not neglectable. A daily brushing is surely the ideal solution to keep the coat well.

At the contrary the shampoo excess is damageable for his waterproofness.

Also remember that the dressing excess must be sanctionned during the shows. This does not mean that tou must present a dog in a bad state. In C.A.C.I.B we find the word Beauty; all the same !

8) The eating :

What : Two eating types can be used. The homemade mash or the croquettes. Whith the industry progress in these last years, it appears that the "croquettes" solution is from far the most useful. Effectively the homemade mash not means the rest of your lunch. It is necessary to know the dogs needs that are not the same as human ones !. Give him the same eating as us makes his lifetime shorter. The croquettes, they are perfectly balanced and so it is not necessary to know exactly the needs of your companion. The quality of the is also very dominant. Ask to the competent breeders or to your veterinary.

When : Every day and when it is possible twice. We can observe one day diet when the animal makes diarrhea.

How : Think about raising your dog billy to avoid him to make carry all his weight on the front paws.

Budget : 500 FrF per Month

9 ) Cold ? It is studied for !

..Certain persons, too much careful for their beloved doggy, thing that in winter, the dog feels much better inside with his owner. Don't you believe it, because at the contrary your dog, and particularly the Newfoundland, is equiped with an appropriate coat. We must not forget that in Canada for example, the dogs work sometimes with temperatures of -20C. Without wanting to push the exercice to the extreme, think all the same that cold will favour the beauty of his coat.

..If your dog makes no activity, you will take care to protect him from the draughts using a litter for example. Then when the cold is really present (from 5C), you can also improve lightly his ration. For that ask advice to your breeder.