The Kennel name de "CHILD of BRICE" could have been THE WORLD OF WONDERS.

The notion of breeding borned step by step in our mind. Our first Newfoundland was suppose to fulfil a vast hole and she became our teddybear, our love, our passion.

Child of Brice is so born from a love story.

Very soon we have understand the interest in defending the breed that we loved. We decided to subscribe to the register of the Central Dog's Society after agreement from the French Newfoundland Club. Concerned in giving an origin name to the dogs issued from the few weddings that we make.

Child of Brice being an amateur NEWFOUNDLAND breeding, we have focused all our attention to the NEWFOUNDLAND improvement. That's why we regularly consult différent kennels, we also visit the beauty shows, to select the stallions and the females that will may give the tomorrow's relief.

De Child of Brice success is directly connected with our harshness and to the respect of our commitments. It's dedicated to ALICE.



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His History

The breed name is certainly born in the Newfoundland Island, near Canada. But the dog's origin remains today uncertain.

1. Some think that he was the viking's dog, and even translate "Newfounland" in "Bear Dog" in the viking language. He could arrive in Canada by the colonizement oh these.

2. Other pretend that he is stocked to the Montagne des Pyrenées, and that the french fishermen would have use him in the XVIIème century as a second.

3. Others again advance that Marco Polo in his various tours could have bring back a Tibet's dog that he could descend from.

One certain thing, he was the fishermen companion in the last century.

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The Feeding

You can choice two ways to feed your dog :

A/ The traditional feeding

It's based on a similar food as man's one, with specific contributions to our companions needs. Red meat, fish, vegetables ( never carbohydrates ), eggs (the yellow), vegetal oil ( olive, sunflowers, 1st Pressure ), cheese, but also actives like : Ostéocynésine ( Calcium Fixator ), Fluor phials ( particularly for the set of teeth ),etc...

It's more complicated to set up, and so more dull.

B/ The industrial feeding

It's a food reconstructed in a croquette form. That kind of food is elaborate by professionals, so we can trust in their experience. The measures for the meals elements are calculated in function of the dog classes.

We suggest a diet adapted to your puppy.

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Education :

Numerous knacks will be given during your dog's evolution. Some important rules are in our notice, but the essential informations are communicated during our meetings and phone calls that we can have during teh breeding follow-up. We are available nearly 7 days a week and 24/24hrs. The puppies that get out from our kennel are naturely sane, and we don't wish to get bad references. That's why our follow-up is "for life".

We won't support any liability for the persons that don't wish to be follow-up.

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Health and Hygien

Very important for the success of your dog development. There again, essential rules will be instil to you.

These informations are recorded in our instruction manual.

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Puppy follow-up

The phone contacts during the first months will be frequent to fully follow the weight and the height of your puppy. Thanks to the values that you will give us, we will adjust his diet.

You will have, as in a health book, a reference board.

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The Club


Club F rançais du C hien Terre N euve et du Landseer

Affiliated to SCC- Agreement of the Ministry of Agriculture



Surrender or Placement, Jenny BROGNEAUX Tel : 33(0)

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