In 1999, at the French National Specialty Show,

the "SMILE CHALLENGE" was attributed to the PAPIN Family for the year 1998. It 's given by the comity of the French Newfoundland Club to the most diplomat person, always smily and very representative of the image of our beloved breed.

...I would like...

The Father Jérôme

The Mother Isabelle

The Wonderful Loulou (Jeremy)

Ninin ! (Brice)

Tintin ! (Quentin)

 JEROME : born in 24/05/1965 in Neuilly/s/Seine


French Judge of the SCC for Newfoundland & Landseer ECT

Coumponing operator in cosmetics in the production unit of Yves Saint Laurent Perfumes. Newfouland's and dog shows passioned.

"When Alice went to heaven, I wanted to escape, I fell in Jonchée's arms. That's where all started."

Thanks my love, thanks Newfoundland.


ISA : born in 06/09/1968 in St Denis

Mother at home. In love with Newfoundlands, and with animals in general. Horse fanatic.

She fell in love with a female Golden Retriever from A.N.E.C.A.H. "Line"

JEREMY : born in 29/05/1989 in Conflans St Hne


I suffer from a cerebral disease, and the dogs feel it. All of them respect me. The puppies that discover me react with the same instinct. I love the singer Rock Voisine and I sing his songs at my way

BRICE : born in 05/08/1991 in Compiègne

I love adventure, I'm interested in astronomy. I like to go to school to find all my friends, but also to practice mathematics, because i like that !

I love all the dogs from the family, specially ORISTANO !

QUENTIN : born in 17/05/1999 in Compiègne

I love that people take care of me.Or I cry !!!! I eat, I sleep, I eat, I sleep, and so on... The dogs were a little bit surprised when they discover me, as at the first time we met I shout in their ears. Now, they are used to.

Now I walk ! It's great no ?